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Rehabilitation treatments


We work with a number of partner organisations to offer a range of rehabilitation services on campus to help you recover from sporting and non-sporting injuries, or just to relax for your general physical and mental wellbeing.

If you are a TeamBU athlete suffering with an injury that is affecting your sporting performance we have a range of bespoke rehabilitation services which are available to you! Each is tailored to getting you active as quickly, safely and as efficiently as possible. Complete this Injury Assessment form and we'll arrange a call back to discuss your injury and treatments available to you.

Key information

Massage treatments

Treatment times: Monday 5.30–8pm | Wednesday 3–5pm | Friday 9-11am (term time only)


BU and AUB students and staff: £18 for 30 mins | £30 for 60 minutes
Community: £20 for 30 mins | £32 for 60 minutes

Chiropractic treatments

Treatment times: Tuesday 12–5pm | Friday 12–5pm (academic term times only)


Initial consultation (60 minutes): £18.50 (BU and AUB students and staff) | £27.50 (public)
Treatment (20 minutes): £16.50 (BU and AUB students and staff) | £19.50 (public)
Rehab (30 minutes): £8.50 (BU and AUB students and staff) | £10 (public)

Holistic massage treatments

Treatment times: by appointment, contact Corinne McCrea directly to book an appointment on 07814136782 or email


Either 20 minutes at £20 or 50 minutes at £35


Services are provided on-site by local practitioners Total Therapy and can be booked using their online form


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Image of a staff member giving a massage

Chiropractic treatment

Our chiropractic treatments, which are held on the Talbot Campus twice a week, are led by students from our academic partner, the AECC University College, all while under the supervision of a team of experienced chiropractors. 

Image of a person with massage stones on their back

Holistic massage treatment

We all know how important it is to look after both our physical and mental health, especially during periods of increased pressure such as exam season or in the run up to assignment deadlines.

Image of a person massaging a leg

Massage treatment

Whether you are a competitive athlete or exercise recreationally, our sports massage treatment will help you to stay on top form, so that you can continue doing the sports that you love.

Massage therapy

Massage therapy

Whether you are seeking some much-needed relaxation time, have a sports injury or are looking for ways to alleviate pain, regular massage therapy can benefit us all.

Image of a person delivering physio

Physiotherapy treatment

If you are suffering with a health condition or have picked up a sports injury, physiotherapy can help to alleviate your pain – and improve your overall health and wellbeing.

A physiotherapist is applying kinesio tape to a patient's leg

Scholar massage therapy

As a BU Sport Scholar, you have exclusive access to a free, weekly professional massage therapy – designed to help keep you in peak condition for your chosen sport.

Find out more about health, fitness and wellbeing at SportBU

A member of staff in the gym with people training on treadmills in the background

Join SportBU

We offer a variety of membership options at SportBU to give you the most flexibility.

sports coaching sportbu

Academy of Performance Coaching

SportBU is proud to be an approved centre for a range of Active IQ Fitness Qualifications, designed to turn your passion for health and fitness into a long term career by developing competent fitness professionals. We work with Active IQ who are the UK’s leading awarding body for Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications.