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From relaxing classes for the body and mind to high-energy classes guaranteed to get your heart pumping, you’re bound to find a class to suit your tastes and fitness levels.

And with classes taking place morning, noon and night, it’s easy to fit in a class around your lectures, assignments and social life.

All of our classes are led by a team of qualified fitness instructors, who will keep you motivated from start to finish, in air-conditioned, modern fitness studios on our Talbot Campus.

Plus, our SportBU membership packages include unlimited classes, so you can book onto as many as you wish. If you aren’t a member, then you won’t miss out; you can Pay As You Go (PAYG) with a 30-minute class available for £2.50.

Current Weekly Timetable

All of our classes must be pre-booked (so that we don’t disappoint) and if you are a planner, you can book your class up to seven days in advance.

Key information


SportBU members: unlimited classes included in all memberships

Non-SportBU members, available on a PAYG basis:

BU & AUB students, staff, alumni, partner college students: £2.50 per 30-minute class | £4.50 per 55-minute class
Local community: £3 per 30-minute class | £5 per 55-minute class

Location: all classes take place in air-conditioned fitness studios on our Talbot Campus

How to book: via our online portal, phone 01202 965012, or visit SportBU reception

What to wear and bring: sportswear, trainers, towel, bottle of water, can-do attitude!

Other information

  • Be on time for each class (you won’t be able to join the class if you are more than five minutes late)
  • Collect your receipt from reception and give it to the instructor at the start of each class

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Image of a person doing a press up

Ab Attack

Whether your goal is a washboard stomach, more defined abs or a stronger core, this core workout will attack your upper and outer ab layers. 

A man practising the squat exercise

Bodyweight Blast

Get your body moving and your heart pumping in this quick-fire bodyweight class.

A man doing a push-up

Bootcamp Blitz

Burn calories and build your strength in this challenging, circuit-based workout.

Image of a person on a mini trampoline

Bounce & Burn

Bounce your way into shape in our calorie-burning, weekly Bounce & Burn class.

A boxfit class


This course packs a serious punch with lots of high-energy cardio – great for your overall fitness and toning.

A woman exercising on a matt


Go all-out in our high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class and smash your fitness goals faster.

Legs, Bums & Tums

Legs, Bums & Tums

Crunch, lunge and squat your way to a toned lower body in our popular Legs, Bums & Tums class.

Image of a people doing Pilates


Strengthen your muscles and improve your core, flexibility and posture with regular Pilates practice.

Image of a person teaching a pump class


Using a barbell, typically with light weights, if you’re looking to strengthen and tone your whole body, this class is for you.

Total Body Conditioning

Total Body Conditioning

Get your body into great shape in this high-intensity, easy-to-follow conditioning class.

Image of a group of people at a class

Trim and Tone

Trim, tone and tighten those common problem areas in this high-energy, fun class.

An Xpress Abs and Core class

Xpress Abs & Core

Whether you’re looking to tone your stomach or sculpt a six-pack, our Xpress Abs & Core class focuses on a mix of abdominal and core exercises to help strengthen and shape this area.

A spinning class in the SportBU studio

Xpress Spin

Spinning isn’t just a great exercise for cardio and weight loss; it’s also an excellent way to build muscle and strengthen your legs and core.

A woman pulling a yoga pose


Boost your physical and mental wellbeing with a relaxing SportBU yoga class.

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A member of staff in the gym with people training on treadmills in the background

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We offer a variety of membership options at SportBU to give you the most flexibility.

Personal training

Personal training

Push yourself further and get the results you want with SportBU personal training sessions.