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Reduce your fees

BU fee discounts for postgraduate students

We offer a discount on our postgraduate tuition fees if you pay them early. Discounts are also available for BU graduates and members of staff.

Early payment discount

A 5% early payment discount is available for any student who pays their fees in full before or within seven days of enrolment. However, if you are being sponsored all or in part by your employer, or you are paying via student loan, you won’t be eligible for this discount.

BU graduate discount

If you have a first degree (excluding Foundation degrees) from BU then you may be eligible for a 20% graduate loyalty discount on your tuition fees at postgraduate level. Please note that not all courses are eligible for this discount, including a number of courses delivered by the Faculty of Health & Social Sciences. 

To apply for this discount, simply include the details of your existing BU degree on your postgraduate application form. You can apply for the graduate loyalty discount regardless of how long ago you first studied with us. As soon as your entitlement is confirmed, we will automatically apply the 20% discount to your fees.

This discount applies to the first year and any subsequent years of study on an eligible course. However, the discount does not apply if you repeat a unit or the full course. 

Student family discount

A 20% student family discount is available (for each year of study) for any student who has an immediate family member who is currently studying at or has graduated from BU. 

An immediate family member means the student’s: 

  • Brothers or sisters 
  • Stepbrothers or stepsisters 
  • Children or stepchildren 
  • Husband, wife or civil partner 
  • Parent 
  • Grandparents or grandchildren.

Staff and staff family discounts

As a permanent member of BU staff, either full or part-time, you are entitled to a 25% discount on your tuition fees for postgraduate study. You must be employed directly by the university or one of its partner colleges to qualify. The discount applies to the first and any subsequent years of study. It is subject to whether you are still employed by the university (or one of its partner colleges). 

There is also a 20% discount available for the immediate family members of permanent BU staff. An immediate family member is classed as a sibling, a parent, a child, a husband, a wife, or a civil partner. 

To qualify for this discount, the member of staff in question must have worked for BU for one full calendar year before the discount is applied. The discount applies to the first and any subsequent years of the course. However, it will cease to apply if the family member in question leaves the employment of BU.