Get prepared for university

Perhaps you are undecided about whether university is the right path for you or you are planning to go to university, but want more information and guidance. Explore your route to Higher Education (HE) using our collection of easy-to-read and informative resources covering areas such as the application process, revision skills and student life.

Why choose university?

University may not be right for everyone but the potential benefits, opportunities and rewards are endless. Hear from some of our current BU students as they share their personal stories and insights into the transition from school/college to university.

A slide from the 'HE: how and why?' presentation

HE: why and how?

Emily talks us through the benefits and routes to Higher Education (HE).
Ivelin discusses the differences between school, college and university, so that you know what to expect

School vs university

Ivelin discusses the differences between school, college and university - so you know what to expect once you get to university.

Student life

Hear from Lasana, Ollie and Steph as they talk about student life - living independently, pursuing new hobbies, developing life skills and making new friends.

Applying to university and student finance

We’ll take you through routes in to university and all the steps you need to take to apply, plus some helpful hints and tips to make that process a more straightforward one.

We can also provide you with up-to-date information about the financial support available to you as a student, including tuition fee loans, maintenance loans, scholarships and bursaries and, when the times comes- loan repayment plans. We also explore the day-to-day costs of university, providing advice on money management and effective budgeting – all good skills to have!

UCAS application process presentation start screen

UCAS applications

Rebecca tells you all you need to know about applying for university through UCAS.
BU student ambassador Ben

Feed four for £4

Ben shares his tips and tricks for shopping and cooking on a student budget.

Learn more about university and student life here at BU:

Find out more about how to apply

If you are ready to apply and want more information about applying to BU we have details on entry requirements, how and when to apply and writing a personal statement