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BU Maintenance Bursary

We don’t want you to worry about money while you’re studying with us, so our BU Maintenance Bursary is there to give you some extra support. You can use this money for whatever you need, whether that’s a helping hand with your rent, buying a train ticket to go home for the weekend, or enjoying dinner out with your new friends.

You’ll never have to pay this money back and most of you do not need to apply! If you’re eligible, you’ll receive the bursary automatically, providing the deadlines for income assessment are met. If you're studying one of our partner institution courses, you will need to apply. Take a look at the 'how to apply' section below for information about the courses which require an application, as well as the deadlines for income assessment.

Our Maintenance Bursary offers up to £2,400 and is available to all new UK and EU students who meet the eligibility criteria and commence their studies with us in Year 1 in the 2020/21 academic year. Find out more below. 

If you have any questions about your eligibility, please get in touch

How much is the bursary worth?

Eligible new students with a household income of £16,000 or below will receive a bursary of up to £2,400 to support their learning and living costs. You'll be awarded £800 in your first year, and, provided you still meet the eligibility criteria, £800 in your second and final years of study. The amount received will be pro-rata for part-time study. If you are studying a Top-up degree lasting one year, you will receive £800.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for a BU Maintenance Bursary, you must: 

  • be a UK national, or have ‘settled status’ (no restrictions on how long you can stay) or be an EU national; and
  • live in England or the EU, and have ordinarily been a resident in England or the EU for three years prior to the course start date*
  • be a new student, actively participating on an Undergraduate BU course or Wiltshire College Salisbury** course (excluding HNC/HND) on a full or part-time basis
  • be studying a first degree (including Top-ups)
  • have a family income of £16,000 or less per year to qualify for the bursary***.
*Students who are ordinarily resident in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are excluded from receiving the BU Maintenance Bursary due to alternative funding arrangements being available to them. Ordinarily resident has been defined as 'habitual and normal residence in one place.’ It means that you live in a country year after year by choice through a set period, apart from temporary or occasional absences, such as holidays or business trips. Living here totally or mainly for the purpose of receiving full-time education does not count as being ordinarily resident. The course start date is defined as 1 September for September entrants and 1 January for January/February entrants.
**Applies to: BA (Hons) Photography and BA (Hons) Film Production and Cinematography. If you're studying at one of our other Partner Colleges, you will need to contact them for information about financial support.
***You will need to meet the eligibility criteria each year in order to qualify for the full bursary.

How are bursaries paid?

Your bursary payments will be loaded onto a pre-paid card. The money will be made available to you in nine instalments from October to June each year. If the first payment is made after the start of term due to late assessment, the first payment will include any back payment and will be followed by the remaining instalments. You can only spend money that’s in your account, so you can’t go overdrawn, and you can receive up to 2% cashback on purchases at certain retailers. You will be advised of the full terms and conditions when you collect your card following enrolment at BU.

How to apply for a BU Maintenance Bursary

The BU Maintenance Bursary is awarded to all eligible students.

There is no need to apply* as you should automatically receive the bursary if you meet the eligibility criteria, providing you have completed an income assessment as part of your student finance application, and given consent to share this information.

*You’ll need to apply for the bursary if you are studying any part-time course. Apply now for September 2020 entrypart-time students only.

Further information for EU students

BU offers up to £2,400 in bursaries (this means students never have to pay the money back) to all EU students commencing a BU Bachelors Degree in September 2020. The bursaries are provided according to your household income and as per below:

  • If your household income is below £16,000, you will receive a bursary up to £2,400 to support your learning and living costs, that you will never have to repay. You’ll be awarded £800 in your first year, and £800 in your second and final years of study.

Students from the Channel Islands and Isle of Man

Students from the Channel Islands and Isle of Man are subject to different funding arrangements to mainland UK students, and are not eligible for the Maintenance Loan, BU Maintenance Bursary or BU Hardship Fund.

For information on the support available for tuition fees and living costs, you should contact your island education offices:

How do the BU bursaries work?

When you apply for a tuition fee loan, you need to state that you would like to have a household income assessment and give consent to Student Finance England to share this information with the university. You will need to complete the family income assessment form and send the relevant documents to the Student Finance England. We will then be able to match the family income with our bursary eligibility criteria to determine whether the bursary will be awarded.

Please note that the decision to award a bursary is made on the first family income figure BU receives from Student Finance England and any in-year reassessment will not result in a change to the level of award or in an award being made.

Important information

Bursaries are reviewed on a regular basis and the university reserves the right to withdraw, amend or introduce new bursaries at any time. However, BU will not alter to a student’s detriment the rules applying to a bursary package that has been awarded. Bursaries are offered subject to funding and availability.