We know just as well as you that funding is a big part of the decision when coming to university, which is why we’ve got some extra funding to help you. You'll never have to repay our bursaries.

If you’re already thinking about the practicalities of paying your rent, travelling around Bournemouth or even where you’ll find the cash to fit in a cinema trip around your studies, don’t worry. Our bursaries are paid directly to you, giving you full control over how and where you spend them.

Take a look at what’s on offer for new students joining us in September 2024, and the eligibility criteria we use when we provide bursaries. 

Current student? All the details of scholarships and bursaries for previous years can be found in our Students section.

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BU Maintenance Bursary

Our Maintenance Bursary is available for UK students - you will never have to repay the funding, but you do need to meet some eligibility criteria.

BU Care Leavers Bursary

If you have been in full-time care, you could receive financial help through our BU Care Leavers Bursary.

Bursary terms and conditions

We award the BU Maintenance Bursary and BU Care Leavers Bursary based on the information you have supplied to UCAS and Student Finance England.