Broadly speaking, if you are ordinarily resident in the UK (or the Channel Islands or Republic of Ireland) and have been for at least three years prior to the start of your course, you’ll pay what are known as ‘home’ fees.

There are numerous criteria to determine whether you will be paying ‘home’ fees. For a comprehensive overview, check out the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) website. They have an extensive guide explaining who is eligible for ‘home’ fee status. We’ve also prepared a summary about understanding your tuition fee status.

Price-freezing policy

Our fees commitment means your tuition fees are fixed throughout your course and applies to all undergraduate honours degree students, including those who start on an integrated Foundation Year.

After you’ve started at BU, there will be no changes to your fees – irrespective of future changes in government policy or rises in maximum fee levels. This applies to new entrants, as well as all our current students. For more information about fees and costs for specific courses, visit our course pages – where you’ll also find fees for our Integrated Master’s degrees.

2024 entry fees for UK, CI & ROI students

Our full-time tuition fees for UK, CI and ROI students for the 2024/25 academic year are £9,250 for a Bachelor’s degree (including Foundation Years) at one of our campuses or Partner Colleges. For more information about fees and costs for specific courses, visit our course pages – here, you will also find our fees for Integrated Master’s degrees.

If you spend a year on a work placement as part of your course, your fee for this year will be significantly lower at £1,850.

Studying part-time?

Part-time fees are calculated on a pro rata basis of the full time fee. 

2024 entry fees for international students

Our annual full-time tuition fee for international students joining us in 2024/25 is between £17,800 and £18,800 for an undergraduate (BA/BSc/BEng) degree delivered at one of our campuses or partner colleges.

For more information about the fees applicable to specific courses, please see your offer letter if you already have one. Alternatively, visit our course pages.

If you are studying a course that includes a work placement, making it four years long instead of three, the placement year carries a much lower fee – currently £1,850.

What does your tuition fee include?

Your tuition fee covers all the expenses associated with your course, including tuition materials, access to facilities and field trips. This will include:

  • Consumables for lab and field-based teaching activity, such as chemicals and other materials
  • UK fieldwork and associated travel costs
  • Lab coats, glasses and standard enclosed headphones (where applicable)
  • First-set of consumables, such as a DVD or memory stick.

There are certain things associated with your studies that you will be expected to pay for, which may include:

  • Text books
  • Printing and photocopying
  • UK telephone and travel costs for interviews, coursework and securing placements
  • Optional and experiential fieldwork in the UK and abroad, and associated travel costs
  • Outdoor wear and footwear suitable for fieldwork (where applicable)
  • Inter-campus travel.

For more information about the fees applicable to specific courses, please see your offer letter if you already have one, or visit our course pages.

Fee discounts

Student, graduate or staff family discount

If a member of your family works, is currently studying at, or is a graduate of BU, you may be eligible for a fee discount. Please email [email protected] to discuss your eligibility; please include your applicant/student ID number. See the our fees policy for more details.

Paying your fees

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