Key facts

Entry For courses starting September 2023. Scholarships cannot be deferred.
  • Any Thai student who has completed a relevant course at Assumption University of Thailand
  • You must be resident in Thailand at the time of application
  • You will automatically receive this award as a student from Assumption University of Thailand
  • You must be studying a relevant course with the Facutly of Management

Recipients of this scholarship cannot be in receipt of any other BU scholarship

Value £2,000 (tuition fee reduction)
Number available Unlimited
Need to fill in an application No - you will automatically be considered for this award

Any student from Assumption University of Thailand who is going on to study an applicable course with the Faculty of Management will automatically receive this scholarship provided that they have the relevant qualification.

You don’t need to apply and will receive the scholarship in the form of a tuition fee reduction during your first year.

Applicable courses

Important information

Scholarships are reviewed on a regular basis and the university reserves the right to withdraw, amend or introduce new scholarships at any time. Scholarships are offered subject to funding and availability. Scholarship is awarded in your first year only, unless stated otherwise.

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