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Scholar massage therapy

As a BU Sport Scholar, you have exclusive access to free, weekly professional massage therapy – designed to help keep you in peak condition for your chosen sport.

Consistently performing at a high sporting level can, over time, take its toll on your body.

Regular massage therapy will reduce muscle stiffness, relieve aches and pains, and, if you are suffering from an injury, speed up your recovery period (among many more benefits).

In fact, massage therapy can also help to prevent injury too.

30-minute appointments are available with Sports Therapist, Jess Grimson.

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Image of a staff member giving a massage

Chiropractic treatment

Our chiropractic treatment service, which are held on the Talbot Campus, are led by students from our academic partner, the AECC University College, all while under the remote supervision of a team of experienced Chiropractors. 

Image of a person massaging a leg

Massage treatment

Whether you are a competitive athlete or exercise recreationally, our sports massage treatment will help you to stay on top form, so that you can continue doing the sports that you love.

Image of a person delivering physio

Physiotherapy treatment

If you are suffering with a health condition or have picked up a sports injury, physiotherapy can help to alleviate your pain – and improve your overall health and wellbeing.