Important update

BU stopped administering new Veteran Affairs (VA) funding applications after the September 2022 intake.

We are no longer accepting applications from new students.

BU students who are currently receiving VA funding will continue to receive administration of their funding for the full duration of their current course.

Any students enrolled before September 2022 who have questions about VA funding, please contact us on [email protected].

Veterans Affairs (VA) Educational Funding is a benefit paid to former US service personnel to fund their education or the education of a close family member.

As a US Veteran, you can use your Chapter 33 (post-9/11 GI Bill) and Chapter 35 benefits to fund your studies at BU.

BU has been approved to process VA benefits with the US Department of Veterans Affairs. However, we are unable to process the Yellow Ribbon Benefits Program.

Important: Please read carefully all the information below before you start the VA application process.

  • Distance or online learning are not eligible for VA funding at foreign schools outside of the US.
  • Programmes which require completion of practical training are not approved for the use of VA education benefits.
  • VA education benefits cannot be used for participation in student exchange arrangements.
  • VA education benefits cannot be used for participation in study abroad arrangements.

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How and when will you receive your funds?

Your tuition fee payments will be made directly to BU by the US Department of Veterans Affairs after BU has submitted your termly enrolment certificate.

The US Department of Veterans Affairs can only pay your maintenance benefits into your US bank account. It will be your responsibility to transfer them to your UK bank account so that you can access them.


  • Institutions located outside the United States must report tuition to VA in the currency used when tuition is charged to students. Once tuition is reported to VA, VA will convert the tuition amount into US$ using the Federal Reserve foreign exchange conversion rate effective on July 1 prior to the beginning of the start date of the enrolment period.
    Example: For a student’s enrolment period of January 15, 2021-May 25, 2021, the exchange rate from July 1, 2020 will be used to convert the local currency into United States dollars.
  • After VA issues payments to the school based on their exchange rate and all applicable benefit payment limitations, the remaining amount due to the school is the responsibility of the student. If an overpayment results from the payment issued by VA, the school must refund the excess amount to the student.
  • The US Department of Veterans Affairs does not provide a timeframe of when students will receive their funding once the enrolment certificate has been submitted. Due to data protection laws, VA will never share your funding details with BU. We will not, therefore, be able to assist if you have specific queries about your funding. If you have any questions about the payment of your benefits, you must contact the US Department of Veterans Affairs directly.
  • Because we cannot guarantee that your tuition fees will be paid in part or in whole by the US Department of Veterans Affairs, you must have sufficient funds to cover any shortfall between the funding you receive and the tuition fees you are expected to pay.
  • You will also need to have sufficient funds to cover the cost of your tuition fees and living expenses in the UK to apply for a Student visa with the UKVI. Your VA funding will not be accepted as proof that you can financially support yourself during your time in the UK.