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myHub: BU's applicant portal

It is very important you know how to use myHub once your application is submitted. Below you'll find information to guide you through the application process.

myHub: key information

1. What is myHub?

muHub is BU's online portal to support you through your application process with the university. Once your application is received via our online application form or via UCAS, the International Admissions team will process your application on myHub.

2. What information is kept on myHub?

myHub will store all the relevant information about you and your application. This is necessary for BU to decide whether or not to offer you a place on the course you applied for. This information includes:

  • Personal and contact details
  • Academic and professional background
  • Academic and / or professional referee details and letters
  • Your personal statement
  • Your qualification details
  • All the documents which must be submitted as part of the application process:

         - Copy of your final certificate and transcripts, with a certified English translation if the original is not in English
         - Copy of your IELTS certificate or equivalent English language qualification, if applicable
         - Copy of your passport and previous UK visas, if applicable
         - Copy of your portfolio and CV, if required
         - Any other documents you are asked to submit after your application is received.

3. Accessing your account on myHub

The login details to your myHub account are sent to you via email soon after your application has been received. If at any time you cannot remember your login details, you will have the option to reset your password. If you have any difficulties in doing so, you will need to contact our Students Record Team on, adding your 7-digit student reference number to the subject line of your email.

4. Your offer on myHub

After your application has been assessed, the decision made will be recorded on myHub. You will receive an alert via email (see item 6) and will need to log in to your account (see item 3) to see the details of the decision. If you applied via UCAS this decision will also be seen on the UCAS portal, but you must still check your myHub account to view all the details related to that decision (see item 5).

5. Pending actions on myHub

This is a very important section of the applicant portal. Once your application has been assessed, the International Admissions Administrator will list all your pending actions on this section. You may have pending actions even if you are offered a place on the course you applied for, but haven’t submitted all the necessary documentation and information (as listed on item 2). If you are a non-European postgraduate applicant, one of the pending actions will be the payment of the £2,000 tuition fee deposit.

6. myHub communication function

There will be one International Admissions Administrator dealing with your application until enrolment. This person will communicate with you via myHub, by posting you messages via the portal. Every time this happens, you will receive an email alert asking you to check your myHub account. You must check these messages as they are essential for the progress of your application. You should also reply to the messages via myHub. It is important for you to know:

  • If you forget your login details or they stop working, please follow the instructions given in item 3 above as soon as possible
  • myHub alerts are sent via the portal. Your email provider might consider these alerts spam or junk email. Always check your spam and junk folder and make sure you make myHub alerts a trusted sender
  • All alerts are sent to the email address you provide under ‘home email address’. Please ensure to use a valid email and one that will reach you directly
  • If you have a BU International representative helping you with the application process, all the alerts will be sent to them. Make sure to liaise with your agent regularly for updates on your application. Alternatively, ask them to provide an email through which we can contact you directly.

This is an automated form of communication between you and the International Admissions Team. If you need to contact the team via email, please do so via, always adding your 7-digit student reference number to the subject line of your email.

7. Uploading documents after submitting an application

You'll be able to upload documents and add or modify the information given after you submit your application. Please note that it is advisable to upload documents in PDF format, not larger than 5mb. If you have problems uploading documents to your account on myHub, email them to, adding your 7-digit student reference number to the subject line of your email.

8. Academic and/or professional reference

Once you add your referee contact details to the application form (UCAS or BU Online Application form), this will automatically be transferred to your account on myHub. Your referee will then receive an alert from myHub, with login details, requesting that they add the reference directly into myHub. They can type it or upload a document. You should let your referee know they will be contacted via the application portal. Their email provider might consider this alert spam or junk email. Please ask them to check their spam and junk folder and make myHub alerts a trusted sender.

Please note that they can also send you the reference letter, which you can then upload to your account on myHub following the instructions in item 7. If your reference is provided in the form of a letter, it must be on letter headed paper and signed by your referee.

9. Replying to the decision made

If you are successful and are given an offer, you must reply via myHub, either accepting or declining the offer. You can also withdraw your application before receiving an offer if you no longer wish to be considered to study at BU. If you applied via UCAS, you can also reply to your offer or withdraw your application via the UCAS portal. Read more about how to respond to your offer:

  • Postgraduate applicants
  • Undergraduate applicants.

10. Revising your offer

When you meet the conditions of your offer, the decision of making your offer unconditional will be made via myHub, and you will receive an email alert. myHub will not generate a new offer letter. If you require a revised offer letter, you will need to send a request to, adding your 7-digit student reference number to the subject line of your email.