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BU Scholarships

Our scholarships are designed to reward excellence in all its forms, giving you additional support while you're studying with us.

The following information covers our academic, music and sport scholarships for 2020/21. Find out how much these are worth, the eligibility criteria and how to apply.

UK/EU student scholarships

Important information

Scholarships are reviewed on a regular basis and the university reserves the right to withdraw, amend or introduce new scholarships at any time. Scholarships are offered subject to funding and availability. Scholarship is awarded in your first year only, unless stated otherwise.

Details of BU’s Student Agreement, including our Scholarships Policy, can be found on the Important information page.

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BU Bursaries

BU offers a range of bursary and scholarship support intended for students in need of additional financial assistance.

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External funding guidance

If you're struggling financially during your studies at BU and could benefit from additional support or guidance, there are a range of external resources available specifically for students.

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Placement year funding

The funding available for a placement year is significantly different to a normal study year - read our guidance for more information.