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Strength & Conditioning training

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For many Performance Sport athletes, Strength & Conditioning training is at the heart of their training programmes.

Essentially, Strength & Conditioning will help you to be the best version of you, through both strength training and aerobic conditioning (and a variety of other methods too).

One of the top benefits of Strength & Conditioning training is that it will help protect you from preventable injuries. Over time, you may also see a gradual improvement in your body’s all-round movement too. Other advantages include an improved posture, healthy bones and increased fitness.

The number of TeamBU athletes who accessed Strength & Conditioning in 2018/19
The cost of Strength & Conditioning training at BU, per team, per year – that’s just £40 per person based on a team of 12

TeamBU Strength & Conditioning

Our Strength & Conditioning sessions are specific to each Performance Sport and are delivered one sport at a time. The content of each session will be based solely on your ability and tailored accordingly.

You will have access to two sessions each week during term time (one Strength & Conditioning session and one self-managed session).

You’ll also be able to access two additional services each week including a Prehab/Recovery session and a Chiropractic Rehab session (both of which are optional). Plus there’s the Team Buildr app with options such as a tailored fitness plan and direct tutor support.

Exclusive use of the high-performance gym

As a member of TeamBU, you will have exclusive use of the high-performance gym on our Talbot Campus.

Popular with our Strength & Conditioning coaches for training sessions, it’s also a great environment for all of our Performance Sport clubs and teams.

It’s kitted out with everything you will need for your ongoing training including; Olympic bars, bumper plates, lifting platforms, squat racks, dumbbells and kettlebells.

Book the high-performance gym by email at [email protected] or phone: 01202 965012

Take a look around our high-performance gym

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