What is Campus Sport?

The Campus Sport programme gives you the opportunity to enjoy sport in a social, beginner friendly environment. Students and staff have access to over 50 hours a week of activities across 19 different sports, so there's something for everyone!

So why get invovled in Campus Sport? Forge friendships in a social, fun setting, boost mental and physical health while balancing studies and enjoy a welcoming, inclusive space to try new sports at any skill level! Our opportunities are split into four classifications, each designed to suit your interests and needs. Read the breakdown below to learn more!

Campus Clubs

Led by qualified coaches with structured sessions, you'll develop your sporting abilities in a relaxed, social environment. Grow you leadership, teamwork, and communication skills essential for personal development.

Social Clubs

Just pay and play in our most casual and social offer. Led by students, meeting people and having fun is at the core of each session. No commitment needed, leaving you flexible to play sport around your schedule.


Our qualified instructors will lead you through weekly sessions to build your skills, whether you're at beginner or intermediate level. This is a great opportunity to try something new in a safe and inclusive environment. 


Pull friends together to compete for glory in the Football leagues. With 100 football teams in 22/23 you're not short of friendly competition. Choose from five, nine, seven, or eleven a side leagues to suit your needs.

£3 pay and play!
For every Social Club, or pay annually to secure a spot.
Pro-rata prices
Join any club at any point in the year, you only pay for the remaining sessions!


Campus Clubs - £84 for the academic year or pro rata when joining mid-year. (£48 from February)

Social Clubs - £63 for the academic year or £3 pay and play. (£35 from February)

Campus Courses - Spring term | £63 (9 weeks), Summer term | £30 (5 weeks), Academic annual | £84 (14 weeks)

Leagues - Football (5, 7,9, and 11 a side), £22.50 for individual sign ups, we'll put you in a team!

*Campus Clubs and Social Clubs finish by 9th of June.