Whether you’re a karate novice or you’ve practiced karate before, this course is suitable for all levels.

AKA Combat Karate has its roots in traditional Shotokan Karate however we cross-train, therefore many elements of martial arts are included (striking, kicking, throwing and grappling). The training covers technique, pad work, forms and street self-defence. Karate will help to develop; awareness, confidence, power, speed and coordination. 

Karate has lots of other benefits too; it helps to develop patience, courage, self-confidence and self-control (among many more) and will have a positive effect on both your body and mind.

You also can compete in combat karate tournaments and Olympic-style karate (WKF). There is no stress on competition; it’s entirely up to the participant if they want to compete. 

Bookings and trials

£5 per session!
Based on an Annual Course payment of £115 (23 weeks)
£7 per session!
Based on an Termly Course payment of £63 (9 weeks)

Key information

Time and venue

w/c 16 October - w/c 11 December (Term 1)
and w/c 22 January - w/c 18 March (Term 2)
and w/c 15 April - w/c 13 May (Term 3)

Days and times: Thursday 7-8pm

Where: Studio 2, SportBU
Instructors: Stephen Goodhand
What to wear: Suitable sporting attire 
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Termly: Spring term £63 (9 weeks), Summer term £30 (5 weeks)
Annual: £84 annually (14 weeks - Spring and Summer term)

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