Set within a specially camouflaged area, made up of tunnels, camo nets and obstacles, this adrenaline-fuelled party offers action galore.

Children at a Nerf war party with SportBU staff

To kick the party off, there’s a safety briefing and plenty of time to practice. Then, the fun really begins. As the name suggests, the lights are dimmed and the Sports Hall is transformed into a sea of colours as everyone (and the equipment), making the games of Nerf just that little bit more exciting.

All equipment is provided including Nerf guns, Nerf bullets and safety goggles. We recommend that our party guests wear bright clothes to stand out while playing.

This party option also includes 1 hour afterwards in the party room for food and drinks.

Key information

Age range



From £145


Up to 20 children (for any more children, we recommend booking our bouncy castle in addition as we only have enough Nerf guns and safety equipment for 20 children)

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