Kickboxing is a dynamic combat sport combing traditional boxing with powerful kicks. Kickboxing provides cardiovascular exercise and promotes strength, agility, and flexibility. Whether taking part for fitness, self-defence, or competition, kickboxing emphasizes technique, speed, and precision.

Whether you’ve been playing for years, or are a newcomer to the sport this club will develop your combat skills in a fun and social setting. Led by qualified instructors through organised training sessions you’ll have a chance to challenge yourself in a safe and friendly environment.

£5 per session!
Based on an annual course payment of £115 (23 weeks)
£7 per session!
Based on a termly course payment of £63 (9 weeks)

Key information

Time and venue

w/c 16 October - 11 December (term 1) 
and w/c 22 January - w/c 18 March (term 2) 
and w/c 15 April - w/c 13 May (term 3)

Days and times: Thursdays 6-7 pm

Where: Studio 2, SportBU
Instructors: Steve Goodhand 
What to wear: Suitable sporting attire 
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Termly: £63 per term

Annually: £84 annually (14 weeks - Spring and Summer Term)

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Or call reception on - 01202 965012

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