Our Law courses are delivered by the Faculty of Media & Communication. As well as being one of the UK’s leading institutions for postgraduate study in intellectual property, we have extensive expertise in commercial law, international tax law and international public law, amongst others.

You'll be supported by academics who are research active and who maintain close ties with the industry, enabling them to introduce case studies, examples and publications that enrich your study.

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Our postgraduate Criminology course is delivered by the Faculty of Health & Social Sciences, where you will engage with research active staff who have established links with local sectors in criminal justice organisations and charities. Our passionate team are engaging students in real-word issues, bringing back insight from their research in the community to inform teaching practice.

You will explore fields that include hate crimes, victimisation, policing, policy-making in criminal justice, and criminological theory and research, to develop an understanding of the place of crime and criminal justice in society.

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