Bournemouth University routinely invests funds with third-party organisations through the regular investment of surplus funds and endowments. The Ethical Investment Policy of Bournemouth University is intended to be entirely consistent with the duty to secure maximum returns from the investment of charitable funds.

Through the work of its fund managers, the university seeks to achieve maximum return from a set of investments that have been selected prudently. The university expects its investment managers, as part of their normal investment research and analysis process, to take account of social, environmental, ethical and governance considerations in the selection, retention and realisation of investments. The university is committed to transparency about how and when investment decisions were made.

Wherever possible and in accordance with Charity Commission guidelines, the university wishes to make such investments in ways that are consistent with the mission and values of the university. The university will strive to invest in companies where the activities of the company are, on ethical grounds, consistent with the educational and/or research objectives of the university even though this may reduce returns. The university will also take into account the published guidance of the Charity Commission on ethical and socially responsible investment of charitable funds and take into account the university’s statement of Corporate Social Responsibility stated below.

“BU seeks to demonstrate and promote the highest standards of integrity in its research, enterprise and professional practice activities, acknowledging and acting on the ethical, social and environment issues that arise from these activities.”

The university will review and publish this policy biennially, in consultation with stakeholders, to ensure that it remains fit for purpose. 

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