This year saw SUBU move into its brand new home on Talbot Campus, the Student Centre. It has given them a brand-new platform to highlight to students how SUBU truly represents them. In the new space student activities really come to life - clubs, societies, RAG, volunteering and all of the other opportunities on offer, including Nerve, who have a new, interactive studio on the fourth floor to go with their Student Radio Award wins. 

Only a year after the introduction of the Vice President Welfare role, SUBU signed the Time to Change pledge on mental health and received Investors in Diversity status. For the coming academic year the brand-new elected role of Vice President Activities has been created to get even more students engaged and involved in SUBU activities. 

SUBU's democratic system came on leaps and bounds, with hugely successful events such as One World Day, Refreshers' Fair and Speak Week. The implementation of academic advisors, recorded lectures and changes to BU's induction process are examples of how powerful the student voice can be. SUBU Advice has been busy helping countless students, saving pockets around £118,000 so far this year!

The SUBU Green Taskforce also established its first ever commitee, received training from the National Union of Students (NUS) and has partnered with BU to influence on environmental issues. 

It's clear that its new home will make SUBU more accessible and approachable, and help make a positive impact on every BU student's journey.