I am very proud to have been associated with Bournemouth University for nearly 35 years, first as an academic, then as a member of the university’s leadership team and more recently as a member of the University Board. 

I am absolutely delighted and honoured to take on the role of Chair at this exciting time for BU.  

John, Daniel and I have all been students at BU at different stages of its evolution, giving us real insight into the student perspective – I am proud of the partnership that we have with SUBU and students from across BU.

On behalf of the Board I want to thank the Vice-Chancellor, the leadership team and all the staff, as well as SUBU, and of course our students, for their hard work and remarkable achievements."

Professor Richard Conder, Chair of the University Board

This has been another fantastic year at BU as we build momentum towards delivering our BU2018 vision – to create and share through our Fusion of education, research and practice, and inspire our staff and students to enrich the world.

This year’s Annual Review showcases some of the brilliant work by staff and students working together, demonstrating the power of this approach.  

Our new Fusion Building demonstrates our commitment; it has been designed to facilitate creativity, innovation and collaboration.

In the changing UK landscape, global engagement and global talent is at the heart of our vision.

Thank you to all our BU community and our friends in the wider community – I look forward to another great year."

Professor John Vinney, Vice-Chancellor

It is great to belong in a university that works so much in partnership with students, that celebrates diversity and innovation, and has such a positive impact beyond its campuses. 

The recognition of BU as one of the 200 most international universities in the world is a great achievement, and reflects the commitment at BU to developing a world class student experience with others beyond the UK. 

I am pleased that SUBU has been a partner on this journey and that we have also been recognised for our world class work, winning the NUS Education Award 2016, and being a finalist for the NUS Higher Education Students’ Union of the Year 2016. SUBU is looking forward to working with BU towards even more success in the coming year."

Daniel Asaya, SUBU President