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Employability Awards

Celebrating the successes of your internship or placement

The Business School would like to celebrate the successes that you have achieved whilst on your internship or placement. We have developed six awards that focus upon areas where our students can often make significant impact on the organisation.

All winners will receive a Certificate, and be invited to our Awards Ceremony. An overall winner will also be selected for each of the Awards.

Take a look at what some of our previous nominees said about the employability awards.

Service Excellence Award

Is awarded for exceeding customer and/or internal/external stakeholder’s expectations leading to:

- an increase in business activity;

- an increase in sales and/or profit margins for specific goods and/or services;

- an enhanced reputation for the company or organisation at a local, regional, national or international level;

- and/or greater exposure generally of the company or organisation

Financial Impact Award

Is awarded for making a significant impact on the financial success and/or profitability of the business as a result of:

- budgetary gains through cost savings and/or business efficiencies;

- increased sales over a specific period (as measured by the company or organisation);

- increased output or sales through new products, services or other innovations;

- the development of a new idea or approach which is taken up for further development;

- assisting or leading a bid resulting in the winning of an important contract

Innovation Award

Is awarded for introducing a significant improvement to working methods, products, services or processes leading to:

- efficiencies;

- and/or suggesting new ideas / approaches;

- and/or suggesting new products, services or innovations;

- and/or demonstrating an entrepreneurial approach within the organisation

Global Engagement Award

Is awarded for significant achievements in working effectively with global stakeholders leading to:

- the successful management of diverse cultural relationships;

- successful collaborative working with diverse teams dealing effectively with the inherent challenges of such relationships

Citizenship Award

Is awarded for significant achievements in working effectively to help, coach, mentor and/or develop individuals, teams or whole communities at a local or regional level, as a result of:

- the successful creation of tailored initiatives or projects which support an individual’s personal development;

- or, the successful creation of tailored initiatives or projects which support the development of one or more teams of people or even a whole community

Outstanding Contribution Award

Is awarded for commitment and work which goes significantly beyond reasonable expectations in relation to the nature of your role within the organisation, such as:

- demonstrating initiative and creativity by taking on and succeeding with extra challenges which go well beyond your normal role and which will make a significant impact upon the organisation

 How to apply:

 To complete your application you will need to:

- Write a 500 word submission that explains why you would like to be considered for the award;
- Ask an individual closely associated with the project/activity you are putting forward for the award to write a - A short statement (250 words maximum) in support of your application;
- A photo/s of you on placement/internship (does not have to be of the project/activity that you are putting forward for the award).

Please apply on MyCareerHub

You may apply for more than one award.

You should submit your application by: 31 July 2021

Apply to be a Placement PAL Leader!

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