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Below are a selection of our current and past projects to give you an insight into the work that we carry out within MIG.

Current projects

Below are a selection of our current projects:

Previous projects

The following are some of the projects we've worked on in the past:

  • BRIDGE (Bridging resources and agencies in large-scale emergency management)
  • INFER (Computational Intelligence Platform for Evolving and Robust Predictive Systems)
  • CASA VECCHIA: Carinthian Association of Smart Ambience (2010-2013, FFG Austria)
  • Online Fuzzy Classifiers (2010-2011, Klagenfurt University, Austria)
  • Regularized Semi-Supervised Fuzzy Clustering (2010-2011, Klagenfurt University, Austria)
  • SERENE: Semi-supervised Recursive Neural Networks: Application to XML Classification (2009-2010, Klagenfurt University, Austria)
  • CRISTEL: Programme de Recomversion d’Ingénieur et Scientifiques aux Technologies du Logiciel (2003-2005, EU TEMPUS-MEDA programme)


MIG collaborates with industry in the context of industrial projects (Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs), Innovate UK) as well as European projects.