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About CEL

CEL is a hub of energy, enthusiasm and talent in pedagogy that makes a significant contribution to enhancing the student learning experience at BU. It is an obvious feature of the university that brings together like-minded academic and professional service staff who want to work together and drive forward improvements and innovation in education practice. CEL provides an opportunity for future focus, anticipation and proactivity so we are ready to adopt and implement innovation with the appropriate infrastructure/support structures in place. 

It is a means to raising the profile of fusing research, professional practice and knowledge exchange activity into an excellent student learning experience and is recognised as a focal point for innovation and high-quality educational development. It is a driver of significant change and improvement, identifying good ideas, testing them out and enabling them to become embedded across curricula, raising the experience for all students. It supports pedagogic research and evaluation, leading to high-quality outputs with significant impact and aims to be the vehicle by which BU is able to submit to the Research Excellence Framework in future in the unit of assessment for education.

Our goals are to:

  • Develop and support collaborative communities to inspire excellence in learning practice across BU and elsewhere
  • Support an innovative and creative environment, working with Estates to create an ideal learning infrastructure
  • Build strong mechanisms for sharing good educational practice
  • Inspire pedagogical exploration and innovation
  • Add value to existing pedagogical practice
  • Harness energy and provide leadership that inspires excellence in learning.

This is an active and collaborative virtual hub, designed to enhance understanding of learning practices across BU, celebrate successes, link to other relevant sites, and use tools such as case studies to share good practice.

Our people

Dr Debbie Holley

Dr Debbie Holley

Debbie is the Deputy Head of CEL, with her research focusing on overcoming the challenges and barriers faced by students accessing learning outside the traditional classroom environment.

Friends of CEL

Friends of CEL

Many people across the university contribute to the excellent work CEL carries out.

CEL Steering Group

CEL Steering Group

A number of people from across the university make up the CEL Steering Group and work closely with the centre to ensure excellent education experiences.

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