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Co-creating Assessment

For many of us, the last thing we think about when planning the learning cycle is assessment. But what if we were to consider this before planning our teaching? What would happen if we were to disregard what we’ve done to date, and look at the way we design our assessment with fresh eyes, by involving colleagues and students from other disciplines?

Thanks to an Innovation Award in the spring of 2017, that’s precisely what we did. Staff and students from across three faculties at Bournemouth University set about exploring ways to work collaboratively on assessment. The outcome was an exploratory workshop in which staff and students from Science & Technology, Health & Social Sciences, and Media & Communication set out to co-create assessment for some of each of their programmes’ units. The workshop was filmed by a small team of Media Production students.

Find out more about our workshop The co-creation of unit assessments based on the principles of ‘backward design’.

Insight 1: an overview of the project

Insight 2: introducing the workshop

Insight 3: the first case study

Insight 4: the second case study

Insight 5: the staff debrief

Insight 6: student reflections