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Chris Chapleo's research interests are in marketing and branding in the non-profit sector, with a particular focus on marketing as a tool for societal good and behavioural insights for positive change.
He has published and spoken widely on aspects of non-profit marketing, in sectors such as charities, education and commercial corporate social responsibility.
Current projects involve positively influencing health behaviours though marketing, brand orientation in the non-profit sector and branding’s role in educational choice.
Prior to academia he held senior marketing roles in the publishing and leisure sectors, as well as higher education, where his interest in education branding first began. His PhD explored the concept of branding in the higher education sector.
Chris has received external funding for a number of projects including a current KTP with Actisense Research Ltd, and work with non-profit organisations including the Durrell Conservation Trust, South East Coastal Communities and Portsmouth Climate Action Network.



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