Dr Kyungjoo Cha is a senior lecturer in Product Design (User Experience Design) in the Department of Design & Engineering at Bournemouth University. She is a design researcher specialised in human-centred design with 10+ years of experience in both academia and commercial sector. She has been proactively investigating in a deep understanding of emotional experience through developing Affective Design Scenarios in automotive contexts that can be applied to test for and to develop future automotive products and services.

She started her career in 2005 as a Consultant in the advertising campaign division of Cheil Worldwide, a Samsung company, which is the Headquarters of the biggest marketing communication agency in South Korea. She developed brand campaigns and creative media strategies to bring brands and products to be successful in the market, for various clients such as Samsung Life Insurance, Asics Sports and CJ for seven years. Her continuous interest in human engagement and experience led her to explore the field of human-centred design.

She performed several funded research projects that focused on user experience design for automobiles sponsored by Jaguar Land Rover at Brunel University London. She is currently working on design research for an autonomous vehicle design partnered with Kia Motors in the Hyundai company.


Topics of research interest and potential collaborations

Area: Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs), Artificial Intelligence

- Developing strategic boundaries for CAVs: human-centred guidelines

- Creating innovative solutions for CAVs

- Developing affective design scenarios of AI products and services in mobility & consumer electronics sectors