My background encompasses over 20 years of experience as a designer and a design Lecturer. In my knowledge of Design, I believe everything including materials; construction, shape and function alter with time and can be improved to suit the current environment. Looking at various things in everyday life, I take keen interest in the way things are constructed, especially things which involve design and I often see ideas for improvements while analysing their current design. BU course has various modules in Design which include a variety of skills such as presenting work, modelling in small and large scale and Computer Modelling as well as analysing my ideas and adjusting them to suit teaching task and a market of potential consultancy, research task, taking into account elements of function, style, cost and construction.

My research knowledge and cross-disciplinary collaboration is evident in my current work on several design research project which includes an ongoing and new research related to my completed Ph.D. In addition, I have recently entered into collaboration with Professor Peter Thomas and Helen Allen of HSS-BUCRU and we have already written one proposal to be submitted to the Notional Institute for Health Research-NHS. Also, I have outlined two papers that are to be written on our mutual research. Similar research was funded (£375.000) by the NIHR and conducted by Kings.

University in London in 2010, and there’s high demand by the Government for this research according to the Panels I had meeting with.

My PG Cert in Education journey which started October 2014 birthed a continuous progress in my self-reflection approach regarding academic practice. Being a design lecturer is my dream job, coupled with my love for design research with my passion for teaching; I believe I will have a long and successful career at Bournemouth University. I have been carrying out research in areas including Design Interaction, Industrial Design Studies, Contextual Design, and Product Design to enhance my teaching skills since arriving at BU. As a researcher, lecturer, designer, I endeavour to

improve the people's quality of life and to make the world a better place.

The activities I am constantly engaged in include assessing needs, providing Design solutions, and solving Design problems through research and knowledge sharing. I am passionate about teaching students from various cultural backgrounds in the field of Design to help them develop their Design knowledge and skills. During the past year 2016, I have been involved in a number of outside professional activities including being a Co-Chair of the British HCI 2016 Conference 11 - 15th July 2016, at BU. I solicited, reviewed, selected the Work-in-Progress papers for this conference,

and was involved in the organization and execution of three conferences. I worked with Dr Barbra Rita from department of computer Science- University digli studi Milano (Italy), Dr Shamal Faily and Dr Huseyin Dogan from BU.

I understand that teaching requires being well-versed and experienced in using one's scholarly knowledge to help students to understand Design model, concept ideas and tools in the field of design. I have taught students of varying ages and abilities in one-on-one and small groups in theatre and design studio, and I demonstrate exceptional teaching ability, oral presentation, care attitude, patience, and an interest in creative design activities which is required to aid learning. Prior to coming to Bournemouth University, as a student, I was invited to teach at the design department at

Tripoli University in 1994. Due to my scholarly and teaching competence, I was subsequently invited to teach the course for six years after completing my (BA) as fellow. I taught a class as small as 40 students and as large as 55 students, and supervised 4 teaching assistants, and this extremely valuable experience one that solidified my desire to reach the highest level and become a professor.


My personal research interests lie in the field of healthcare setting and hospital interior design. I am currently investigating and identifying the interior design and décor features in hospital rooms for my publication. This will enhance hospital setting for patient’s satisfaction. Using newly methodology, the approach involves making use of CAD software for data collection. My future research plans are to build on the foundations of my Ph.D. to future develop design model, concept ideas and tools in the field of hospital setting and design.