Samuel Rennie is a Senior Lecturer in Forensic Investigation in the Department of Life and Environmental Sciences at Bournemouth University.

He is a Biological and Forensic Anthropologist with interests in both Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) and Palaeomigration of the Americas. He completed his PhD in Biological/Physical Anthropology in 2018 at Liverpool John Moores University where he focussed on sex determination of skeletal remains using multivariate statistics and their effects on population specific standards.

Sam has worked as a forensic anthropologist and search and recovery specialist in DVI incidents on an international platform. He is a certified Forensic Anthropologist (FA-III) in the UK and a member of the UK - DVI Forensic Anthropology Cadre.

The other side of his research is biostatistics, or more precisely the application of multivariate analysis and how they can be used within biological anthropology and other fields of research.


Current research areas:

1) Validating methods used for biological profiling within forensic anthropology

2) 2D/3D Geometric Morphometric Analysis

3) Palaeomigration of the Americas



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