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I am the Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Research Methodology and Statistics within the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences as well as the Research Data Management Champion for the Faculty. My role involves the development and expansion of quantitative research and teaching within HSS. As well as contributing to the teaching and supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate level students, as a member of the Bournemouth University Clinical Research Unit, I work closely with academics across the Faculty and University to provide quantitative methodological support. In addition, I provide methodological and statistical advice to health professionals in the NHS.

With a background in Biology, my academic career has covered teaching Anatomy and Physiology (animal and human) as well as Research Methods to undergraduate students from a range of Biological and Health Science disciplines in South Africa and the UK. I have also supervised 22 undergraduate research projects to completion and I am currently supervising three PhD students.

I have a keen interest in Public Engagement in Research which has developed throughout my career. In this capacity, I have co-founded Café Scientifique Bournemouth and contributed to events such as BU Festival of Learning, and the Science Tent at Bestival music festival.


Although my PhD was in the relationship between physiology and behavior in male frogs, for over 10 years I have carried out research projects related to human health. My main area of interest relates to how integration of information from visual, vestibular and proprioception systems (as measured by perception of vertical) is affected by clinical conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and ageing. Above normal errors and high individual variability are possible indicators of neurological complications suggesting the test may be a useful screening tool in other conditions such as falls in older adults.

Other research studies have related to functional testing (e.g. balance, movement performance) related to musculoskeletal disorders. These have involved working closely with clinical colleagues to design, execute and analyse the results from the research projects.

I am currently a member of several interdisciplinary teams, including academics from Bournemouth University and NHS health professionals, funded by NIHR and the Burdett Trust for Nursing.


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