Dr Teresa Burdett works at Bournemouth University as a senior lecturer in Integrated Health Care. She teaches on both undergraduate and post graduate programmes in integration, interprofessionalism, health promotion and work force development arenas. She is also the Professional Lead for Interprofessional Learning and Education. This involves promoting, arranging and delivering Inter Professional Education between various disciplines including the different branches of nursing, social work, physiotherapy and paramedic science students and faculties. She has also co-initiated, designed and delivered the Foundations of Integrated Care programme. This programme has been very well received with some very positive qualitative data and comments. This programme has been successfully extended becoming more person centred. She has also successfully bid for research grants nationally and has presented at conferences both nationally and internationally. She is also part of two regional groups in the NHS which are forging ahead to enhance the integration agenda to improve patient services and standards. She also works closely with a variety of stakeholders including trusts both locally and nationally and partners to continue to advance the level of services offered to individuals. Her nursing career has spanned adult health, health visiting and mental health in both inpatient and community settings. I would welcome supervising (MSc, MPhil, PhD) students in the fields of integrated health care, integration, and inter professional education and work force development.