I studied biology at University of Science and Technology of China, and received my BSc in Biology in 1997. After that, I moved to psychology and obtained my PhD in 2004 from Chinese Academy of Sciences. After completing a postdoc position (2004-2006) at Peking University, I moved to the UK. I then had several more years of postdoc experience at University of Birmingham (2006-2012) and University of Sussex (2012-2013). Since July 2013, I have been working at Bournemouth University with a permanent position.


As a social neuroscientist and an experimental psychologist, I study social attention and social perception, with the main research questions being 1) how human attention and perception work in social situations, 2) how human performance and brain activities are shaped by social interactions such as shared attention, and 3) whether social behaviour can be improved by neurofeedback. As Head of the Bournemouth EEG Lab, I am an expert in the EEG technique, and interested in immersive EEG in virtual reality, brain-computer interface, and human-animal interaction.

I always welcome applications of MRes and PhD projects year round. If you are interested in doing a postgraduate research degree in social attention or social perception, please send me your CV and research proposal. I am also very happy to sponsor talented Chinese students through The China Scholarship Council (CSC) programme. Please feel free to contact me for further details.



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