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Yumei Yang is a senior lecturer in Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour at the Faculty of Management at Bournemouth University. She is also the programme framework lead for Management courses at L7.

Her current research interests are organizational routines and organizational learning. Particularly, she is interested in evaluating how organizational defensive routines affect organizational life, such as organizational performance, organizational learning and knowledge management. During her PhD, she developed a scale to measure organizational defensive routines. Her current study is to explore whether these kind of routines are more prevalent in Chinese culture than they are in the UK. Recently, she has been working with colleagues from healthcare sectors to understand how defensive routines could have impact on professional misconduct.

She also co-investigate other various research areas in HRM and OB such as big data, knowledge oriented leadership and work-life balance.

She welcomes anyone who is looking for doing PhD in the above listed areas to contact with her.


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