Matthew Hartwell is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Health and Social Science at Bournemouth University. I have extensive experience in nursing and nurse education.
The majority of my teaching is post registration where I am the programme lead for Independent and Supplementary Prescribing. I also am involved in the health and physical assessment unit assessing osce's and teaching. I am soon to head up a new post graduate unit in history taking as a pre cursor to those wishing to enter non medical prescribing.
I also practice and an Advanced nurse prescribing Practitioner in the out of hours service at Bournemouth Hospital. this allows me to keep myself updated and to provide credible and practice focused teaching.
My practical experiences in practice enhances my ability to stay not only clinically updated but also to reinforce my teaching .
My interests lie in advance practice and medical law and ethics since undertaking my masters in medical law in 2011.


Although currently I am not undertaking research my interests are in advance practice particularly prescribing and the medico legal issues surrounding this.
I am currently writing submission s for nurse prescribing and intend to look at the experiences of nurse prescribers in the future.


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