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I have a background in prehistoric and Roman archaeology and have carried out extensive research in the field of zooarchaeology. Recent and current projects include: butchery practices in Iron Age and Roman Britain; animal exploitation in Novgorod and other medieval sites in NW Russia; the food supply in Roman towns; the deposition of animal skeletons on Iron Age and Romano-British sites; the identification of worked animal bones found in early Bronze Age burial contexts; the use of salt in prehistoric and historic societies. I have also carried out consultancy projects for English Heritage, The National Museum of Wales; CADW, and for a wide range of archaeological excavation units.


I am actively involved in research in the following areas:
a) The zooarchaeology of medieval Russia. I am completing research (funded by INTAS) on the history of animal exploitation in NW Russia, focusing on the evidence from the town of Novgorod and its territories. Currently completing a monograph on this research (Oxbow) and have completed a chapter on animal exploitation in medieval Russia for the Oxford Handbook of Zooarchaeology.
b) The zooarchaeology of medieval sites associated with the Teutonic Knights and other medieval settlements in Poland and Latvia. This forms part of the research for the EU-funded Ecology of Crusading Project (University of Reading). Two papers in preparation.
c) Zooarchaeology of Iron Age and Roman Britain. Recently published chapter on Romano-British zoorchaeology for the Oxford Handbook of Roman Britain. Recently published a chapter for Britannia monograph on the conference proceedings on the impact of PPG16 planning guidelines on the archaeology of Roman towns. Presented keynote address on the history of the zooarchaeology of Roman Britain for the Roman Archaeology Conference in Reading in April 2014. Draft paper submitted for conference proceedings (Journal of Roman Archaeology Monograph). Also currently carrying out zooarchaeological research on a number of Iron Age, Roman and Saxon sites in Bedfordshire. Also researching into the history of specialist butchery in Roman Britain. Currently examining evidence from early Roman military sites including material from the legionary fortress in Exeter.
d) The history of human and chicken interactions in Europe. I am principal investigator of a large inter-disciplinary study into changing perceptions of human-chicken relationships. This AHRC-funded project began in January 2014. See Grants for further details. See also the website