I joined Bournemouth University in September 2017 and have teaching responsibilities in practice learning which creates natural links to practice through the Teaching Partnership and external partners. My teaching also includes mental health and substance use, drawing on my practice experience in this field.

I am currently undertaking a Phd which focuses on exploring the role of mistakes in social work practice learning and how this can lead to meaningful learning.

I have worked in community mental health teams as a social worker and Approved Mental Health Professional. This involved working with adults experiencing severe and enduring mental health issues. I also have experience as a safeguarding adult practitioner, I have worked within a multi-disciplinary team delivering Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, and worked as a Best Interest Assessor (BIA).

Prior to joining Bournemouth University, I had a role assisting the Principal Social Worker for adults in the Bournemouth area. This role supported strategic management and, involved working with all teams within the Local Authority, developing key policies and procedures to comply with legislation, networking with other Local Authorities, implementing key practice changes, undertaking audits, supporting the development of newly qualified social workers, implementing training, and workforce development.

I am a qualified practice educator and am also interested in the role and influence of effective supervision within practice. As a practitioner I understand the importance of receiving good quality supervision to provide foundations for creative and robust practice. I am particularly interested in the learning journeys of social work students and how these experiences can shape professional identity. I am fortunate to be researching the area of practice learning and the nature of learning opportunities within my Phd.


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