Georgina Hurcombe – Inspiring Learning Award winner

BA (Hons) Television Production and graduated in 2006

Georgina Hurcombe

Georgina is the founder of LoveLove Films, an independent animation and video production company which produces content for television, film and web. The company develops new talent through a placement programme which has taken on over 200 students and Georgina works personally to encourage more women into animation through talks and workshops. 

The judges commented: "It is clear that Georgina has been a true inspiration for numerous young people throughout the initiatives she champions. She uses her position to push for greater gender equality in her industry and to open the field to those from disadvantaged backgrounds."

Georgina said: "I'm so thrilled to be receiving an Alumni Award and the fact it's for the 'Inspiring Learning' category means an incredible amount to me. Many of my team at LoveLove Films are former BU graduates, and having the opportunity to inspire current BU students through our New Talent Placement Scheme and help to guide them towards their professional goals is such a pleasure.

"I look back at my time at BU with fond memories, and I'll always be incredibly grateful for all the knowledge and skills I developed during my time there. The BA Television Production course - and the Media & Communication faculty as a whole - were vital in preparing me to enter the media industry; frankly, I don't think I would be in the position I am now if it wasn't for my time at BU."

I'm so thankful to BU for so many reasons, and receiving an Alumni Award is an incredible feeling. I hope the close relationship I've developed with BU continues way on into the future."

Trisha Lewis – Inspiring Learning Award winner

BA (Hons) Communication and graduated in 2005

Trisha Lewis

Trisha is a communications coach and mentor who works with business clients and young people to build confidence, develop presentation, conversation and leadership skills. She has developed a series of tools and techniques to help people understand imposter syndrome and how they can tackle it to improve their wellbeing and personal effectiveness.

The judges commented that Trisha "used education and professional development to inspire others in a manner which they really benefit from and enjoy".

Trisha said: "Winning this award is special – it feels so aligned with me! Not only is it part of my story but it also recognises that I am a positive part of other people's stories.

"My time at BU as a mature student marked a comfort-zone pushing journey – and took me beyond my parental role! Pushing myself to complete the dissertation was both painful and empowering.

"The whole experience sparked my self-belief – an essential part of setting up my own business a few years ago and being able to help others increase their confidence – an all-round win."

Tom Box - Advancing Knowledge Award winner

BA (Hons) Computer Visualisation and Animation and graduated in 2000

Tom Box

Tom is the co-founder of Blue Zoo which is now one of the largest animation production houses in Europe. As well as overseeing the creation of award-winning content. Tom is an active campaigner for making the UK animation industry one that is inclusive and accessible to all. He is chair of the NextGen Skills Academy and Animation Skills Council for Screen-Skills and is a leading figure in promoting animation and visual effects as a career option to school children.

The judges said: "Tom demonstrates real evidence of change within the sector, particularly given his focus on inclusivity. He has a commitment to put back into the industry which is exceptional."

Tom said: "One of my most cherished letters is the one I received from Bournemouth University in 1997, offering me a place on the BA (Hons) Computer Visualisation & Animation course. I cannot imagine what my life would be like should I have not received it.

"From starting what is now one of the UK's largest animation studios with my university course-mates, to meeting my wife through university friends.

"University has so much more to offer than academic learning alone, it's truly life-shaping. I'm extremely fortunate it has taken me to a place where I can pursue sharing that knowledge even further, helping the next generation of animators, and crucially very lucky to be surrounded by friends and colleagues that facilitate my time to do it!"

Christopher Hammond - Enriching Society Award winner

BA (Hons) Television Production and graduated in 2008

Chris Hammond

Christopher is the elected Leader of Southampton City Council and the youngest LGBT leader of a council in the UK at 31. He is a tireless advocate for addressing climate change and tackling air pollution and has spearheaded new initiatives including discounts for electronic vehicle drivers, a taxi scrappage scheme, a retro-fit forever bus and new cycle highways. He regularly works in schools to engage young people in thinking about democracy and environmental issues.

The judges said: "Christopher is making a real impact on the sustainability agenda and taking on the challenges facing society in a way that can make a real difference."

Christopher said: "Everybody has a different route to the thing they want to do. Some will become apprentices to train up for their careers; others will go straight into the workplace. I became the first in my family to go to university when I first arrived in Bournemouth in 2005, driven down by my family, just as so many other first years are and I'm confident I would not have become Leader of Southampton City Council, aged 31, without completing my three years at BU.

"Being recognised by your own university is a fantastic feeling, and one I intend to enjoy with fellow alumni and my family. I'm thankful to the Alumni Association and BU for giving me this award.

"My hope is that current students will see that they can make quick progress in their careers, thanks to their education at BU, and work doubly hard to fulfil their potential. Having recently visited the university, I've been left in no doubt that the expansion of its facilities and development of its campus will enable many more students to turn their dreams into reality.

"I'll always think back fondly to my time in Bournemouth and hope to support the university in the months and years to come."