Deferring your place

Please ensure you read the information below before requesting to defer your application.

Deferring your university place is a big decision, so we want to make sure you’re aware of the facts so that you can make the right decision for your circumstances.

If you would like to defer your application, you should be aware that tuition and accommodation fees are subject to change every year. We offer a range of scholarships and bursaries to undergraduate students studying a full degree, and these are also subject to change every year. Your eligibility for scholarships, bursaries and fees and their level/amount will be determined by the BU policies in place for the year in which you enrol on (start) your course, not the year in which you applied to BU. Scholarship awards cannot be deferred to a later academic year. From September 2022, UK undergraduate students will no longer be eligible for our Academic Excellence Scholarship. From September 2023, overseas undergraduate students will no longer be eligible for our Academic Excellence Scholarship. The full range of funding options available can be found on our funding webpages.

Please be aware, if you have applied to one of our Health & Social Care courses that require a DBS and/or an Occupational Health (OH) check, you will need to complete these within six months prior to the start date of the course. If you defer after you have completed the checks, you will need to complete them again next year. 

If your course requires an Enhanced DBS check, you will be required to pay for this. If you have deferred from a previous admissions cycle after already completing the check in the previous year, you will be responsible for the cost of the new Enhanced DBS check. For more information on the costs, please see the government website. Please note, the cost of the Enhanced DBS check is non-refundable by Bournemouth University in any circumstances.

If you are holding a conditional offer, you will still need to meet your offer conditions this year. Please get in touch with the admissions team to discuss your options.

Ultimately, your circumstances are individual and only you can make the decision that’s right for you.

If you would like to go ahead and defer your place after considering the above, please use our online form.

Make changes to your application

Frequently asked questions

Changing your course

If you would like to be considered for a different course at BU, please submit your request using our online form.

We’ve already made you an offer and want you to be a part of our community, but we’ll need to review your application to assess your suitability for the new course. If we’re able to change your course, you’ll receive a new offer letter in your email inbox. This could take up to ten days to process, so please be patient.

If the course has different entry requirements to the course you’ve been offered (for example, an interview or portfolio assessment), we’ll contact you to let you know.

If you have a conditional offer, the UCAS deadline for requesting changes is usally mid to late July. After the changes deadline, you must wait until you have received your results and a decision has made on your application, before you can request a course change or a change of start date. Prior to the UCAS changes and reply swap deadline in July, you can request to change your course or defer using the online form

If you have an unconditional offer, please continue to submit the online form so we can review your request.

Request to change your course

Withdrawing your place

If you are holding an Unconditional Firm offer and have decided that you no longer wish to join your course at BU, and have applied this year, you can make this change using your UCAS account. Please visit the UCAS website for more details.

If you are holding a Conditional Firm offer or you applied last year and are holding an Unconditional Firm offer, you will need to submit your withdrawal request using our online form.

Request to withdraw

Changing your replies (UCAS)

If you have applied through UCAS and wish to change your replies, you may do during the 14 day period from the date you replied to your offers. If the 14 days have passed, you may still be able to change your replies but you may need our permissions to do so. Contact the UCAS Customer Experience Centre to change your replies and for advice on next steps. UCAS will not be able to change any replies after the end of July.