BU was never about simply getting a piece of paper saying I have achieved a degree, it was much more than that…”

Martyn McKenna graduated in 2002 with a degree in Electronic Systems Design before going on to study an MSc in Engineering Project Management, from which he graduated in 2006.

Martyn looks back on his time at BU with great affection: “I have very fond memories of Bournemouth University. I remember just really enjoying life during that period. The ability to live near the beach, shoot over to Studland on the Sandbanks ferry for some mountain biking and having access to windsurfing and surfing clubs.

“The staff really inspired me to push my boundaries and supported me along that journey. They helped form my ideas for my final year project, supported me in finding summer placements and ultimately - my first graduate job.”

It was an award that Martyn won in his final year that helped him land a graduate role. 

“I was lucky enough to win an academic award sponsored by Siemens in my final year which led to a graduate job with Siemens. I left university and worked for Siemens as a product designer for several years, whilst studying towards an MSc at BU.

“In 2006 I moved into Project Management and took a role working within the BBC in London where I was involved in several large profile media projects, such as the delivery of BBC Scotland’s new HQ in Pacific Quay, Glasgow. In 2010, I moved into Tata Communications as a Programme Manager.”

During his time at Tata Communications, Martyn has moved up the ranks into a fantastic role.

“I’m now Director of Media Delivery at Tata Communications and responsible for the delivery of all of our media products along with our major sporting events - F1, MotoGP, World Superbikes, Olympics etc.

“Tata Communications own the world’s largest privately-owned submarine fibre network and within this we have a range of Media and Broadcast products that I am responsible for delivering. A large proportion of my time is focused on delivery of live events such as Formula One, MotoGP, World Superbikes, Olympics and Tennis events.

“I am essentially responsible for ensuring all video and media content created at the event location, is delivered to broadcasters globally. One example is Sky Sports. We obtain all of their content at every Formula One race and deliver that, via diverse fibre networks and satellite, to their destinations in Osterley and Milan. My team is also involved in a number of cutting-edge OTT (over-the-top) projects including the new F1TV app.”

Martyn feels that his time at BU was more than just studying, but that BU helped set him up for life after university.

“BU was never about simply getting a piece of paper saying I have achieved a degree, it was much more than that. The undergraduate course was very engaging and had a lot of links into local industry, helping me understand the future job opportunities after university.

“BU also helped find suitable summer placements which not only helped with personal finances over the summer, but provided invaluable industry experience which supported my C.V. These industry links also played a big part when deciding on final year projects, with a number of local companies sponsoring students in a particular field.

“Even after my undergraduate course, I was provided with a huge number of opportunities. I was invited to study towards a PHD in engineering, and as a result of winning an academic award sponsored by the engineering company Siemens, I was offered an opportunity to work with them and continue my studies at masters-level.”

For anyone who would want to emulate Martyn’s career or needs a bit of inspiration, he shares some of his advice.

“I would say to be the master of your own destiny. The university will provide you with a huge amount of support and opportunity (curricular and non-curricular) and you need to grab them with both hands.  It’s important to use the support and opportunities wisely and to take advantage of clubs, placements and engage with local industry.

“My summer placement provided a great opportunity to consolidate the knowledge from my first year and put this into practice in a placement. The experience of doing this helped me massively in my second and third years as I had some practical knowledge to apply the theory to.”

Martyn undertook a placement during his time at BU, learning and experiencing things that enhanced his time at university.  

“I did a placement at Hamworthy Combustion Engineering, a company about 3 miles from Talbot Campus. My job was to develop a new networking monitoring tool for use on industrial incineration plants. I had to monitor the wavelength (color) of a particular flame in a burner. It was great experience and really focused me in my 2nd and 3rd years.”

Martyn was successful at university, and has been successful afterwards. He sums up his time here and what makes him BU proud.

“I look back now at the time when I was deciding on which university to attend all those years ago and know that I made the right choice. The university facilities, the local area, the undergraduate and post-graduate support along with the close industry links have really provided me with a well-rounded education. Following my time at university, this allowed me to hit the ground running and really push on with a career.”

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