We developed the Postgraduate Professional and Personal Development Planning (PPPDP) framework in response to recommendations relating to research development from Vitae. We encourage you to engage with the PPPDP programme while you are studying for your research degree at BU, as the training and workshops offered under the framework provide you with valuable knowledge, skills and experience that is transferable to a range of work-based settings, as well as a career in academia.

How can the PPPDP framework help me?

The main aim of PPPDP is to give you a structured way of reflecting on your learning, performance and achievements throughout your research degree. Through this framework, your supervisors will encourage you to:

  • Examine your strengths and weaknesses
  • Teach you how to present your strengths in applications and interviews
  • Look at how to improve your performance in relation to your research
  • Make the most of the available opportunities for personal, career and educational development
  • Help you maximise your personal and academic achievements while you’re at BU
  • Enhance your employability
  • Take an organised and logical approach to your personal development.

What activities are covered under the PPPDP?

The activities that PPPDP encompasses are varied, covering everything from training in research skills, to overseas activities and social events. The main aim of this framework is to help you make the most of your time at BU and to allow you to personalise your programme.

Will I receive any recognition for engaging with the PPPDP framework?

If you fully engage with the PPPDP framework during your time at BU, you will receive a certificate as a supplement to your Research Degree Certificate on graduation. As well as the benefits you’ll have gained from engaging with the PPPDP process, you’ll also have something tangible to show future employers relating to your achievements and development at BU.