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Welcome to this resource around supporting people with dementia to eat and drink well. Good food, nutrition and hydration are important for everyone. We know that eating and drinking can become increasingly difficult as dementia progresses. Therefore every effort should be taken to ensure that food and mealtimes continue to be an enjoyable experience and at the heart of providing person-centred care. If you would like to be sent a sample copy of the resource by post please email [email protected]

Since completing the research in 2016, the resources continue to be used widely and adopted across the UK care home sector, demonstrating impact and improvements in practice and care for people with dementia (Murphy and Aryal, 2020).

The resource is linked to a new learning portfolio that aims to develop knowledge and skills around nutrition and hydration to provide best-quality care that also offers an excellent CPD opportunity, which can be completed flexibly.

There is also a video to watch which we co-produced as part of the original research. 

You can fill in our form to download the resource, learning portfolio and model answers as well as the two guides that make up the toolkit. You can complete the learning portfolio online or print off and complete. 

You can test out your knowledge by completing our online quiz. If you score above 9 out of 10 you will receive a certificate via email for completing this training. The quiz gives you the option to re-take it and will let you know your score on completion.

Helpful guides

eating-and-drinking-well-with-dementia-gEating and Drinking Well with Dementia: A Guide for Care Staff

This guide has been developed from research to understand the quality and delivery of nutritional care for people living with dementia in combination with best practice examples from across the country, to design and develop evidence-informed education and training.

It provides information in a form to guide care staff with helpful tips and signposting to resources.

guide-family-carers-friends.jpgEating and Drinking Well with Dementia: A Guide for Family Carers and Friends

This guide for family carers and friends is full of information about eating and drinking well for people living with dementia.

The guide has been developed to provide some helpful advice and tips on how to increase food and drink intake for those living with dementia.

It does not cover nutritional care in people with advanced dementia. It is important to seek specialist nutritional support at this stage. It provides information in a form for family carers and friends.

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