BUiWell has its ancestry in a previous Research Centre, namely, the Centre of Wellbeing and Quality of Life. The legacy of this centre is a wealth of expertise that can be brought to bear on several key domains of health-related wellbeing, including the development of public health innovations.

BUiWell is a research centre which takes an integrative approach to the understanding and promotion of wellbeing. Through the expertise of our diverse membership, we seek to enhance wellbeing through innovations that are underpinned primarily, but not exclusively, by user/community involvement, public health and health promotion, ecological approaches to health and wellbeing, mental health and rehabilitation.

Current member interests include:

  • Patient/user-centred self-management
  • Sports injuries (e.g. concussion) and rehabilitation
  • Digital and technology-assisted treatments (e.g., apps, sensors, eHealth)
  • Public mental health
  • Biopsychosocial and community/ecological interventions
  • Participatory medicine
  • Health and wellbeing of people across the lifespan
  • Positive organisational development and wellbeing at work
  • Psychosocial stress and resilience

Support for BUiWell Members:

BUiWell is committed to developing its members’ research profiles and to supporting academic and professional support staff at different levels and different career stages to develop their research performance and impact. We aim to co-create a high-performing, supportive, interprofessional research infrastructure and a community of life-long learners that inspires learning, advances knowledge and enriches society through our focus on medical science and evidential medicine, translation of research into clinical and health/social care practice, and evaluation of health outcomes.

BUiWell offers an excellent research environment and support to develop a vibrant research culture within which all staff can fulfil their ambitions as researchers with an interest in integrative health and wellbeing. BUiWell’s cross-disciplinary translational and applied approaches lend themselves particularly well to the development of Impact Case studies. BUiWell seeks to attract, support and develop Post-Graduate Research students to support the aims of Centre and to achieve timely completions.

Post-Graduate Research (PGR) Students and Research Assistants:

Key to the vibrancy of our centre is the appointment of PGR students and Research Assistants. BUiWell provides an excellent research environment for PGR students to engage in their research and their timely completion.

Research Grants:

BUiWell has a track record in securing high quality research grants demonstrates research excellence providing a strong foundation from which to improve future grant successes. We have generated external income of almost £1 million pounds through cross faculty international bidding success for BU). We aim to significantly increase the number of high quality externally funded or match-funded, postgraduate research students focussing on inter-disciplinary projects and are able to provide mentorship and support to other staff in developing their research bids thereby maximising their grant income success rates.


BUiWell members have a record of national and international collaborations and have been successful in securing external funding which we aim to build on. BUiWell is intrinsically linked to industry and health and social care practice and is therefore well-placed to make a significant difference to communities and to enriching society. BUiWell’s focus is international and through our collaborative links we are able to tackle health and social care challenges in a global environment. BUiWell will continue to develop links with the worldwide network of academic peer organisations and international partnerships who share our vision and strategic aims, and work with them to advance health and social care knowledge, develop our impact and grow a worldwide recognition of BUiWell and BU.

Public Engagement:

BUiWell supports members to undertake quality research practice that is user-centred. We actively seek to harness the experiences of professional and patient/service-user groups in developing research questions and setting our research agenda.

Our inter-disciplinary, and cross-faculty team is committed to undertaking research to improve public health and wellbeing at population, community and individual citizen levels. A particular focus has been, and will continue to be, upon low income, disadvantaged and/or marginalised groups. Furthermore, members are committed to the co-production of research questions with service users. Our aim is to provide novel, inter- disciplinary, integrated solutions to public health issues that are driven by the public.


Dr Steve Trenoweth

Email: [email protected]