Centre for Sustainable & Socially Responsible Consumption

Centre for Sustainable & Socially Responsible Consumption

The Centre for Sustainable & Socially Responsible Consumption (CSSRC) aims to promote and advance the understanding of sustainable consumption and socially responsible consumption through developing and delivering internationally renowned research.

In today's world, sustainable and socially responsible consumption affects all of us, and so is everyone’s business. As we consume, we acquire items that are not only expected to meet our needs and wants today, but also leave resources for the future. However, this is not always the case given the plethora of easily available manufactured goods that can affect our purchase, use, and disposal decisions and lead to ‘blind consumption’ - a lack of consideration of how and where they have been sourced or produced. Consequences of such consumption can lead to issues such as food security, access to digital information, and pollution from transportation, with such inequalities being seen across the globe.

CSSRC provides a hub to explore and address topics that are currently globally relevant, through utilising a strong interdisciplinary focus. The Centre aims to grow and develop sustainable and socially responsible consumption research in the following areas where there is already demonstrable expertise within the membership:

  • Health & Well-being
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Trust & Branding
  • Societal Marketing
  • Digital Technology
  • Travel & Transport
  • Socially Responsible Production

Our Projects

image of a drone


Given the ever-growing demand for products and services that in turn generate freight activity in our cities, there is a need to fundamentally investigate how mixed land-and-UAV (Uncrewed Aerial Vehicle) logistics fleets can be successfully integrated and managed to improve customer service, reduce energy demand and also address urban traffic congestion.
Bournemouth town centre square

Ideal Cities

Providing a novel, open and extensible platform to enable secure, resilient acquisition and sharing of information to improve the well-being and inclusivity of citizens, produce more effective response to crime or other emergencies, and make Smart Cities feel more secure and safe.


Our EU-funded, collaborative research project aimed to increase our consumption of vegetables through a better understanding of our individual preferences and environmental cues that help to sway our choices.
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FoodSMART is an innovative technical menu solution that enables informed consumer choice when eating out that takes into account individual characteristics (such as culture, dietary requirements and age group) as well as product (specification), leading to personalised food recommendation.


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