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Fusion Professorial Lecture Series

Fusion Professorial Lecture Series

Our Fusion Professorial Lecture Series gives BU’s academics the opportunity to share an insight into their field of work, research interests and achievements to date.

Upcoming lecture

Addressing the environmental crisis: from reusable coffee cups to political reform, what really works?

Professor Rick Stafford

RNLI College, West Quay Road, BH15 1HZ | Thursday 13 February 2020, 6.30pm for a 7pm start

Many recent international reports and multiple news stories indicate the huge environmental problems we currently face, including climate change, biodiversity loss and plastic pollution. Which of these problems should cause us the most concern, and what are effective solutions to tacking them?

In this professorial lecture, Professor Rick Stafford outlines his recent research which demonstrates: 1) Plastic pollution is a real threat, but has been overemphasised in order to maintain the economic and political status quo. 2) Climate change and biodiversity loss need large systematic changes in economic and political thinking to be successfully tackled, although nature-based solutions such as tree planting and a respect for nature are also important. 3) Through an example of fisheries reform, Professor Stafford will demonstrate the benefits to biodiversity and society of changing our approach to economics, and demonstrate that necessary changes will be advantageous to most people, both in developed and developing countries.

Rick Stafford is Professor of Marine Biology and Conservation in the Department of Life and Environmental Sciences. His research began studying rocky shores, and developed into mathematical and computer models of animal behaviour. Further development of these models allowed ecological and socio-economic systems to be combined to address conservation from a natural and social science perspective. He currently works on topics as diverse as marine protected areas, fisheries, artificial reefs, as well as climate change and biodiversity loss. 

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