The Story 2 Remember team aims to create a toolkit to help improve communication between family carers and people with Alzheimer's disease, using role plays and storytelling and a public policy document for creating dementia-friendly communities and institutions.

The project has been co-funded the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Programme. It will be piloted in four European countries: Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, and the United Kingdom. The partner organisations are:

  • The Romanian Alzheimer Society,
  • Habilitas – Center for Resources and Professional Training,
  • Gaiety School of Acting – The National Theatre School of Ireland,
  • Alzheimer Bulgaria Association, Alzheimer Hellas – The Greek Association of Alzheimer Disease and Related Disorders,
  • Bournemouth University.

Project materials

Together, the project partners have created the following materials which can be viewed below:

Creative drama and storytelling in dementia care: information for practitioners

Intellectual Output One: Creative arts and storytelling use for people with dementia and their care partners in UK, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Ireland

Report prepared by the Ageing and Dementia Research Centre (ADRC) at Bournemouth University, UK in coordination with the ERASMUS partners

Download the booklet (pdf 5.82mb)

Story 2 Remember creative info for practitioners

Story2Remember Programme Handbook

Training programme using creative drama and storytelling, targeting health and social care professionals for better support for older people with dementia.

Access the handbook (pdf 967kb)

The cover of the Story 2 Remember handbook

Storytelling and Alternative Communication Methods in Dementia Care: Toolkit for Family Members

Intellectual Output Three: Toolkit for family members to improve communication with people with dementia through storytelling and alternative communication methods Toolkit prepared by the Romanian Alzheimer Society in coordination with the ERASMUS+ partners

Download the toolkit (pdf 22.6mb)

Story 2 Remember toolkit cover

Policy recommendations

Intellectual Output Four: Policy recommendation for creating dementia-friendly communities/ institutions in terms of raising awareness and integrating tools as creative arts in the care of persons with dementia.

Download the booklet (pdf 12.6mb)

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