The Events Industry Forum, from proceeds of The Purple Guide, has commissioned this research.

This research is aimed at UK public outdoor events only, which includes events with some indoor activity but where most of the time, visitors are outdoors. Temporary structures such as tents, marquees and temporary buildings are included as being outdoors.

The UK Outdoor Events Industry will be further categorised into sub-sectors including music, cultural, exhibitions, corporate, sporting and other events outside of these realms. The project will be a quantitative study assessing both demand and supply sides of the outdoor events industry to establish an accurate economic contribution measured by GVA and employment that exists as a result of the events. Qualitative based case studies will be collected to illustrate the different types of events and the managerial considerations necessary to organise and host such experiences.

Why is this research important?

The data gathered from this research project will assist in providing a transparent view of the value that outdoor events contribute to the UK economy (ideally to regional level) and the socio-cultural benefits and challenges of such events. Primarily, the expenditure on the procurement of goods and services has the potential to boost the local economy and have temporary impacts on employment as a result of a time-limited project such as an event.

The project findings will provide event organisers and local authorities with greater knowledge of the impacts of outdoor events which they can use when making decisions on supporting and staging events. There have only been occasional studies undertaken on individual outdoor events, despite the availability of guidance and examples (Event Impacts). There are studies on other types of events, particularly business events but not that take a sub-sector view of outdoor events.

The Events Industry Forum have commissioned this research to establish a better understanding of the size and economic value of the industry as well as the contribution events make to local communities. The Forum, which represents 26 trade and educational bodies across the outdoor event industry, is asking its members and other outdoor event organisations to support the project by providing data and information to the Bournemouth University researchers.

“For too long our industry has tended to be overlooked by Government because of a lack of evidence about the economic and social benefits of events,” says Steve Heap, Chair of the Forum. “This has resulted in our sector getting little support and events often facing difficult obstacles because they are wrongly seen negatively. Yet we know where research has been done that outdoor events can make an enormous contribution to localities, from employment to increased turnover for local businesses.”

As event organisers ourselves we know how busy you are but we need you to provide us, confidentially, financial information on your outdoor events. You will not be asked to name yourselves or your events but we require enough data to be able to undertake the economic analysis that will be enough to convince key stakeholders of its robustness.

Interested in supporting the project?

Some questions require financial details regarding revenue and costs, therefore it may take you some preparation time to have the data required to participate in the research. Once you are prepared, please select the most suitable organisation type below to be redirected to the survey that is most applicable to your business. You may fit more than one category depending on which events you are completing the survey for. Please do so and please ask others who you know to also complete. We need your information and insights.

Organiser of a single outdoor event in the UK in 2018.

Organiser of multiple outdoor events in the UK in 2018.

Supplier to outdoor events in the UK in 2018.

If you would like a ‘paper’ copy or have any questions or further ideas please contact us via [email protected].

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