Within this section, you will find information on research-related policy and legislation.

Export Control Regulations

Guidance on Export Control Legislation

UK export controls restrict the export of goods or technology, with the aim of preventing proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and countering terrorism. The controls apply to the physical movement of goods or the transfer of software, data, technology or know-how by any means (including by email and telephone) from the UK to a destination outside the UK.

Where an export falls under one or more of the controls, a licence may be required before any transfer can be made. There is no automatic exemption for academics and researchers.

Failure to obtain an appropriate licence to export controlled goods is a criminal offence. 

Data Protection Regulations

Data Protection is about protecting information relating to people and the laws and regulations that enforce it give individuals more control and rights over how it used and for what purposes.  Research projects undertaken at BU will often involve information relating to individuals. This information must be processed in accordance with the requirements of data protection law.  To find out more, click on the Data Protection Knowledge Base.