Research Ethics

Research Ethics Committee and the central Research Ethics Panels

Research Ethics Committee (REC)

REC is responsible on behalf of Senate to promote best ethical practice in relation to research and research-related activities and for establishing, promoting, implementing and monitoring university-wide  Research Ethics Code of Practice  (which informs local practices and procedures across the University). REC considers ethical issues related to research and research-related activities brought to its attention by the Research Ethics Panels, researchers and the wider university community. REC does not review individual research ethics checklists.

REC comprises both staff and independent lay members and meets 3 times a year.

Research Ethics Panels (REPs)

The central REPs are responsible on behalf of the Research Ethics Committee (REC) to review research ethics submissions from postgraduate researchers (high risk) and staff, to identify and come to an Opinion on issues that may arise within projects or protocols.  Ethics review considers how the widely accepted ethical principles of Autonomy (free will to take part in the research), Beneficence (research should be worthwhile and provide value that outweighs any risk or harm), Non-maleficence (not be harmed by participating in research) and Justice (equal treatment) are applied within the proposed work.

Panels comprise both staff and independent lay members.  (Low risk applications submitted by staff are allocated for light touch reviews outside physical panel meetings and are conducted via email).  For further information on what constitutes high risk – click here.

The deadline for ethics checklists submitted online is noted against each meeting date - see list of dates under useful documents.  Please ensure your paperwork is submitted on time as submissions are sent to Panel members 5 working days ahead of each Panel meeting for review.  Late submissions will be deferred to the following month.  PGRs - please note that submissions are sent to your Supervisor in the first instance, so please allow sufficient time before the Panel's closing date for applications.


  • The next meeting of the Social Science & Humanities Research Ethics Panel will take place on Wednesday 7 December 2022.  Please note the deadline for applications is 29 November 2022.  Checklists received after the deadline will be deferred for review until January's Panel meeting.
  • The next meeting of the Science, Technology & Health Research Ethics Panel will take place on Wednesday 23 November 2022.  Please note the deadline for applications is 15 November 2022.  Checklists received after the deadline will be deferred for review until December's Panel meeting.