The units are displayed here to showcase the work of our final year BA (Hons) Communication & Media students.

You are able to select four units to specialise in certain media & communication areas, gaining practical and theoretical skills. The creative units in the final year build upon the theoretical and creative skills you will develop in Year 1 and 2 of your course.

You will create a variety of work to a professional standard, some individually and others within groups of your peers to form teams emulating industry practice, often working on live briefs and with external stakeholders. 

More academic or literary units, including the final year dissertation project, encourage a level of sophistication and originality supporting your future progression in your career and postgraduate study.

BIG BOOK OF IMAGINATION Young Writers Prize 2022 cover, featuring a cartoon of a young person writing while on a magic carpet, surrounded by whimsical things like a mermaid, dragon, unicorn and flying saucer

Writing, Editing & Publishing

In this unit, you’ll gain practical skills and acquire knowledge of publishing processes and practices with creative writing. The assessment(s) you complete are creative and contribute toward the Bournemouth Writing Prize, as part of Fresher Publishing

Here is the 2022 winning book cover created by student Danielle Yates that is used for Fresher Publishing, the book encompasses narratives from young writers aged 6-11.

Read Danielle’s work rationale (pdf 1.4mb)

Celebrity Culture 

As a student studying Celebrity Culture, you will be introduced to celebrity as a site of cultural and political power – our students gain skills to evaluate the risks and opportunities of celebrity culture in contemporary media. BA (Hons) Communications & Media alumna Jada Walters created this video as an interactive essay as part of her final year unit, Celebrity Culture.

The 'cover' image for It's A Social Thing, a podcast created by a BU student, featuring cartoon images of people talking

Race, Media & Inequality

Lucy Harcourt

My podcast episode debates the age-old question ‘can you separate the art from the artist?’ in reference to Roald Dahl’s antisemitic views and adaptations of his work.

Deputy movies editor at Digital Spy, Gabriella Geisinger, features on the episode and provides an insightful point of view on the issue of antisemitism in the 21st century.

This was a subject relevant to the Race, Media and Inequality unit as antisemitism was one of the topics discussed in lectures and then further researched and presented in my work. The unit provided us with knowledge covering various race-based issues such as online hate speech, media monitoring, and Islamophobia.

Although I was most inspired by the topic of antisemitism, I thoroughly enjoyed learning about a variety of race issues in today's society.

News & Journalism

Ella Brown

I was uncertain about what I wanted to do after graduating, and so there was a lot of deliberating about what units I would pick in my final year.

This unit gave me the opportunity to gain insight into a career in journalism – it turned out to be one of my favourite units. You get the chance to report on a topic that you’re genuinely interested in. For me, that is travelling!

In comparison to other units I chose which were more theory focused, this was one that allowed me time to think about my own hobbies and interests and have fun whilst developing academic and practical skills!

View Ella's work