People & Organisation's academics conduct innovative research with social, economic, and business impacts across a spectrum of disciplines and at the intersections between them. We also lead research and professional practice across applied studies in tourism and hospitality.

Research Themes 

Work Futures 

Research Theme led by Professor Adele Ladkin

Work and Employment are pervasive aspects of contemporary societies, influencing and being influenced by multiple aspects of human activity. The world of work is not static, rather in a constant state of change driven by factors such as technology, demographics, environmental concerns, globalisation, and economic conditions. Change is evident in many ways including how people are managed, how work is structured, and the composition of the workforce.

In the last decade, perhaps one of the most influential factors in workplace change is ICT’s. Technological innovations have resulted in a wide range of opportunities including new business models, the development of digital labour and platform work, and borderless and mobile working; with resulting implications for work-life balance and a blurring of boundaries between work and home. More recently, work and employment are under scrutiny in relation to work and wellbeing, driven by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the decent work agenda.

Inclusivity in Organisations & Society

Research Theme led by Associate Professor Dr Gbola Gbadamosi

As organisations and societies become ever more diverse, inclusivity becomes increasingly important. Inclusivity as a research theme can refer to, for example, research topics relating to diversity; identity; migration and mobility; cultural differences; gender; race, ethnicity, and religion; disability; LGBTQ+.

Our research strategy is to identify best practices and tangible ways to help individuals and organisations enable inclusive practices in what they do and who they are. A desire to stimulate thought-provoking conversations about a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable society inspires our collaboration. In addition, our commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) motivates innovative and cutting-edge initiatives and solutions to several of the goals, especially the four goals, which focuses on various aspects of inclusion

Responsible Practice

Research Theme led by Professor Janet Dickinson

Taking responsibility at an individual and organisation level has implications for us all. Today’s society faces pivotal choices in order to build a resilient future and a more equitable society. The responsible practice group focuses on societal practice at individual and organisation levels that yields benefits for the natural environment, social equity, and cultural heritage. We respond to a range of sustainable development challenges and bring our demonstrable expertise related to tourism development; transport, travel, and supply chain management; leadership and organisation behaviour; corporate social responsibility; workers’ rights; food production and fairtrade; sustainable HRM and management ethics.

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