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Department of People & Organisations research

The Department of People & Organisations conducts innovative research with social, economic and business impact across a spectrum of disciplines and at the intersections between them. We also lead research and professional practice across applied studies in tourism and hospitality.

We are always interested in hearing from candidates for research studies or organisations seeking research and training in:

Leadership - Practical leadership work, analysis of top management teams, and the work of boards of directors.

Organisations - Our expertise range from the creation of pro-social workplaces to the conceptualisation of the corporate form.

Project Management - We have experts on the role project management plays in business in the practice of initiating, planning, executing and controlling to achieve specific goals. In addition, and perhaps more importantly in today's society, to take a more responsible approach to project management.

Human Resource Management - Expertise related to the strategic approach in the effective management of people to gain a competitive advantage but more so in relation to equality and inclusivity.

Applied studies in Tourism, Transport and Hospitality - The department has an international reputation in tourism, transport & hospitality research. Home to established expertise in both qualitative and quantitative approaches, and in linking theoretical perspectives from business networks and organisational ecosystems, organisational behaviour and human resources management, the resource-based view, critical management studies, institutional theory and hybrid organisations.

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Our department research is oriented around three distinct research groups